Welcome to my family history site. This is a slowly-growing record of my research into the background of my four grandparents - Thomas Henry Ward (a third generation clogger), Rosina BealesAlbert Orton (one of a line of gentleman's hairdressers - thus the clippers) and Margaret Annie Bentley. It includes information on families in England and Australia.

Rosina Beales
Thomas Henry Ward
Albert Edwin Orton and Annie Bentley

My aim is to provide not just bare-bones details about births, deaths and marriages but also to share interesting stories, historical background, information about the places where people lived, photos and images. I've also included some posts on the ups and downs of doing genealogy research.

For now the site is predominantly about the Ward side of the family, as that's what I've been working on recently, but I'll gradually add more about the Ortons. Please feel free to post comments, ask questions, correct mistakes or offer information.

In order to avoid cluttering pages with references, I've left most of them out, or used hyperlinks in the text. If you'd like to know where I've found any information, just ask me. (stella DOT budrikis AT gmail  DOT com  will find me, or use the comments box.) 

You can also find me on my author page at Amazon or my website

Navigating the site

The Family tabs at the top of the page provide an overview of each family in tree form. I hope eventually to provide information about each of the people listed on these trees, and more.

The Index tab gives a complete list of all the people in my family history database, with links to the individual summary pages where I've completed them. At the bottom of the summary page you'll find links to other posts related to that person. You can also find information using the labels in the side bar, which list surnames and place names, or type a keyword into the search box in the top left corner. 

Stella Budrikis

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