"Susan Mason, the child of an Irish convict, was uneducated but streetwise and canny. From colonial Adelaide to the barracks towns of the British Isles, she fought her way, sometimes literally, through life. One man called her a little whore. Her husband once accused her of being a drunkard. Life often dealt her a poor hand. Yet she managed to survive the poverty of her childhood, the indignities of being an army wife and the joys and tragedies of being a mother with her fighting spirit intact. In following her story and that of her family, the author reveals not only the complexity of her character, but also what life was like for women on the edges of society in the Victorian era."

"Susan" is the biography of my great great  grandmother, Susan Mason, and her family. It's the story as told here on Clogs and Clippers, but substantially expanded. I've included an extensive reference section and a bibliography.

It's available as an ebook through most major retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Scribd. A paperback version is also available at most Amazon sites (except in Australia, which unfortunately doesn't sell printed books yet).

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The cover was designed by Katie Stewart of Magic Owl Design, and shows a detail from a painting of Rundle St, Adelaide in 1845 by the artist S T Gill.

It's inevitable that more information will appear after the book is published. I will be posting updates to this blog, but if there are any major changes, I'll add it to a new edition. You should receive this automatically if you have the ebook version.

If you've read the book and enjoyed it, please leave a rating or a review on the store where you bought it. If you find a typo, or feel that something needs to be corrected, don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact form (on the right of this page) or on my author page at Amazon or Facebook

(If the universal link above doesn't direct you to the Amazon site in your country, the Kindle edition is available here for UK readers.
For customers of the Australian Amazon site, it can be found here.)

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